During their holiday in the Gitavillage, guests will have the opportunity to meet Tarty.

Who is Tarty?

Tarty is the mascot of our gitavillages.
She is a sweet and colourful Caretta Caretta turtle who plays with children every day and involves them in various events organised especially for their enjoyment.
The little guests will be able to hug her, take photos with her, participate in workshops and celebrate her birthday!
They will also have the chance to parade in her company or go wild in the evening baby dance.

Why Tarty?

To pay homage to the Caretta Caretta turtle, which nested on our beaches a few years ago.
In fact, the first hatching on Giannella beach dates back to 2015, a unique event that demonstrates the quality of the Maremma sea.
The beach of Montalto, in fact, was also the scene of this evocative event in 2018.
But Tarty also helps us remember that its beauty must be preserved and protected, starting with respect for our seas and coasts.

Getting to know the Caretta Caretta turtle better

It owes its name to its large head and powerful jaw. Its carapace is reddish-brown with a heart shape, it can reach up to 90 cm in length and 160 kg in weight and feeds on crustaceans, molluscs, jellyfish and fish.
It is a marine animal, but it lays its eggs (up to 120!) on the beach, from where the young make their way back to the sea, following the reflection of the moonlight on the water.
Every day it faces countless dangers that threaten its habitat, such as pollution and climate change, but also unregulated fishing and poaching.

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